Freddy vs Jason

The movie that I chose for this weeks assignement was Feddy vs Jason. This movie is genre horror, but i have always found the Nightmare on elm Streets to have more comedy in them than horror. The scene I chose to view is the final fight between Freddy and Jason. This scene has plent of different lighting and sound effects. The different sounds defiantely are needed to make the scene a good scene, because without sound all you would get is 11 minutes for two people fighting. Plus it also hads some humor to the fight. The one part where Freddy is bouncing Jason around like a pinball you can hear the pinball machine in the background. This added to the scene, because the director wanted you to think Jason was a pinball. Plus it had all the different sound effects of the fight. Everytime Jason’s machette was used it had a specific sound, and when Freddy’s gloves was used that had another sound.


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