Batman Begins


The first actor that I will talk about is Christian Bale. He had his first role in 1987 Empire of The sun. He starred as Batman in 2005 in Batman Begins, and then he returned as Batamn in 2008 in The Dark Knight, and then again in 2012 as Batman in the Dark Knight Rises. I feel that Christian Bale would be classified as a star. He has done a bunch of films over the years. The other thing that I feel makes him a star is that when you hear his name most people can tell you that he is an actor.  If he wasn’t really a star then people would ask who he was when they hear his name.

Christian Bale

The next actor I wil ltalk about is Liam Neeson. Liam would have to be one of my favorite actors. I truly enjoyed watching him in the Taken Triology’s. Liam started his acting carrer in 1971, but got his movie debut in 1981. I would classify Liam as a wild card. The reason I would od this is because he is a star, but he could also be classified as a perosnality actor as well. I just feel that when he is playing in a movie that he places himself in that role and just goes with the flow.

The last actress I will talkl about is Katie Holmes. Katie first bigger role was playing on the citcom Dawson’s Creek. Katie is alsonknow for being a model. I feel that Katie’s two biggest movies that she has played in was Batman Begins, and Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler. I feel that Katie would be classified as a star, but I think that she is more well known for her modeling career then she is her acting career.


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